High School Placement Counsellor in Hangzhou, up to 30000RMB per month

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To Apply visit this link: http://cips.io/45e79e
Job responsibilities:

Assessment/Study Plan design:
Assess students academic ability, English ability and general ambition s.
Evaluate their personality and ho bbies.
Speak to parents to get a full picture on the child, their long-term aims for their child, and their general study a broad plan.
Ultimately learn to choose suitable target schools to meet parents expectations and chi ld’s ability.
Create a study plan to help students ach ieve their targets.
Guide and motivate students to keep them on track for their study plans.
Help students write up personal statements
Check students progress by monitoring their work A’s provide feedback

Liaison with overseas high Schools:
Try to build up exclusive relationships with schools to help our school get as many as admissions quota
Request additional support and help whenever needed from schools
Arrange the annual Education Fair and Meeting the Admission Of

To apply for this job please visit cips.io.