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Skills and Knowledge
(foundations personal and business skills)
(foundations experiences gained, key assignments covered, pre-identification foundations developmental experiences)
1. Great oral and written communication skills
2. Excellent content writing ability
3. Excellent document formatting skills
4. Practical experience in the English language educati on industry.
5. Ability to provide teaching & academic training related ideas
6. Excellent research skills, problem-solving ability

1.1-5 years of teaching experience in the English language educati on industry, experienced in working with 3-6 year-olds and 7-15 year-olds
2. Has 1-2 years of experience in content writing
3. Possess practical knowledge of teaching methods and strategies

(key qualifications and foundations training)
(Critical pre-identification foundations competencies. Refer to existent competency framewor

To apply for this job please visit cips.io.