Looking for Female Primary English Native teacher in beautiful Hainan city, Urgent

Guangzhou Sanyang Consulting

To Apply visit this link: http://cips.io/79fa08

WHO WE ARE The Education International mission is equipping students to successfully shape the world. Our company provides services through our network of over 20 international high schools across Asia and over 20 public and private high schools throughout the United States. We provide international schools with ICP international curriculum management system, professional development, exchange and study abroad programs. We as sist U. S. schools with direct connections to international schools and students. We help students find the right place for them outside of their country of origin. In the beginning of 2018, ACEE completed Pre-A qualifications. In the future, we will continue to build loyalty, faith, trust, and energy by ensuring families experience the best quality of Chinese and American education their resources will allow as well as helping students, teachers, schools, and communities grow and thrive.

To apply for this job please visit cips.io.